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Este cert ca se fac progrese in acest domeniu. Nu mai demult decat alaltaieri a aparut, ahead of print, un articol valoros in PNAS. Rezumat: Retinal prosthetics offer hope for patients with retinal degenerative diseases.

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There are 20—25 million people worldwide who are blind or facing blindness due to these diseases, and they have few treatment options. Drug therapies are able to help a small fraction of the population, redă vederea orbilor for the vast majority, their best hope is through prosthetic devices [reviewed in Chader et al.

Current prosthetics, however, are still very limited in the vision that they provide: for example, they allow for perception of spots of light and high-contrast edges, but not natural images.

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Using the mouse as a model system, we generated a prosthetic system that incorporates the code. Furthermore, the results show, using 9, optogenetically stimulated ganglion cell responses, that the combined effect of using the code and high-resolution stimulation is able to bring prosthetic capabilities into the realm of normal image representation.

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